Among copies of different Western-designed camouflage patterns, it’s possible to find a few original Chinese designs in Aliexpress. I ordered recently a tactical t-shirt from Reebow Tactical, that offers a four-variant family known as “Natural Camo” or “Bionic Camo”.

I chose the “Sand Move” semi-arid pattern for my tactical t-shirt.  This is a real practical piece of clothing to be used outdoors. The torso is made from a breathable fabric while the arms are made from ripstop material.  

I chose for the first field test the Teide National Park, with its wide range of arid and semi-arid landscapes. The Sand Move pattern matched perfectly with the surroundings in the Cañada Blanca area, where you find brownish volcanic rocks and green patches of bushes. I wasn’t lucky with the sun light this time so I can only show one picture that really shows how effective is the Sand Move pattern.