I still haven’t seen any gear avaible in PenCott’s last two patterns (WildWood and Metropolis) despite they were announced on March 2017 and we’ll have a new one soon.

Pencott Metropolis (left) and DeepWood (right)

WildWood is an alternative to PenCott Greenzone, a pattern I find too vivid, mainly because I haven’t any temperate deciduous forest around. “Lawrence” explained the changes in PenCott’s blog:

WildWood® was developed at the request of Polish Special Forces, through a deep collaboration between Hyde Definition and Helikon-Tex. It is optimized for the moderate climate woodland areas of Central and Eastern Europe and was created by adjusting the tonal values of GreenZone® by adding more brown shades, and de-saturating the bright green.

Pencott’s Badlands, WildWood and Green Zone patterns side by side.

PenCott Metropolis was introduced as an ‘industrial / built-up environments and low-light / night operations’ camouflage patterns. Urban camouflage patterns are usually the answer to the question no one made and many considered them the joke of the trade. I’d like to address the issue in the future.

PenCott Metropolis pattern.

So even before we have been able to see the former two patterns around, Pencott has let us know that a new pattern is coming: LeatherNeck. As the name implies, it takes its colours from the MARPAT Woodland pattern.

PenCott LeatherNeck pattern.