After a few years were the camouflage market was lacking novelties, we have at last new designs to be introduced soon in SHOT Show 2018. One of the new game players is Veil Camo, that has  introduced several patterns in three families: hunting, fishing and tactical. Moreover, Veil Camo in partnership with 5.11 has introduced two patterns: GEO7™ Terrain and GEO7™ Night.

GEO7™ Terrain by Veil Camo and 5.11.
GEO7™ Night camo by Veil Camo and 5.11

According to Veil Camo, GEO7 patterns offer macro and micro disruption:


The shape of the human form is easily identified by onlookers unless concealment offers a way to disrupt the macro human image. By networking large regions of color with shape, Geo7™ breaks the human signature to lag visual acquisition and buy the operator/end-user critical time.  This functionality is initiated at 10 meters and highly effective to 150 meters under normal light conditions in both focal and peripheral vision. This effect is realized on both moving as well as stationary objects.


Geo7™ also utilizes a micro strategy (within the macro strategy) to induce visual disruption at close ranges. The smaller patterning is fine tuned to implement ”visual noise” and perception challenges inside of 25 meters in both the peripheral and focal vision fields.  Precise shape distortion techniques allow Geo7™ unique close range functionality in both urban and natural environments.  The unique aesthetics in this pattern are the result of variable and dynamically designed “cells” that bend the pattern’s perception to significantly reinforce environmental blending.

GEO7™ definitively looks original and different to the patterns we have seen so far. Veil Camo affirms that a scientific approach has been used to its design:

Geo7™ was designed utilizing both fractal and chaos mathematical principles.  It’s these principles that fuel the visual biases found throughout the natural world. This approach informs the base geometrical theory translating to a scientifically proven foundation for the distortion theory in Geo7™.