Camouflage design companies come and go. And just a few of them get their patterns to be offered by military or hunting clothing brands. That’s one of the reasons to create this blog. I didn’t want those designs to be forgotten. One of those cases of companies struggling to get its desgins accepted is the Orion Design Group (ODG). It offered a whole family of camouflage patterns: Vipera, Lupus, Ursus and Corvus. Then ODG’s Facebook page went silent in november 2014 and its Twitter’s profile went silent in november 2015. is currently down.

Lupus (Latin for “wolf”) was ODG’s intermediate or transitional pattern. It was created in 2010. According to this article in, Lupus was created “along with 15 other patterns”. As far as I know, only three patterns were offered besides the Lupus pattern. Among the patterns never shown were two snow patterns (Panthera and Vulpes), Blaze Orange and six other hunting specific patterns.

Lupus pattern. Image via Ammoland.
Image via Soldier Systems.
Old promotional picture from Beyond Clothing’s website.
Old promotional picture from Beyond Clothing’s website.
Lupus clothing from MMI Textiles. Image: Soldier Systems.

Ursus (“Latin” for bear) was ODG’s woodland pattern.

Ursus pattern. Image via Ammoland.
Caps in Lupus (left) and Ursus (right) patterns from Warrior Culture Gear. Image via Soldier Systems.

Vipera (Latin name for a genus of venomous vipers) was ODG’s arid pattern.

Vipera pattern. Image via Ammoland.
Lupus gear over Vipera background. Image via Soldier Systems.

Corvus (Latin for crow), was the night and law enforcement pattern.

Corvus pattern.

ODG’s pattern had, IMHO, a very visible flaw: limited randomness.

As you can seen the dark brown stains are placed at a similar distance one from another in a repeating pattern. Just compare to the shape and distance of every brown and gray stain in the Reebow Tactical Sand Move pattern.

Finally, some good news. ODG’s Facebook page is active again: “Website and products to follow”.