While all kind of copied camouflage patterns can be found in Aliexpress, from the Norwiegan M/98 pattern to the Spanish M09, it’s hard to find original patterns designed by Chinese brands. One of the exceptions is the Natural Camo family, offered by Reebow. It has four variants. I tried the Sand Move variant time ago, that matched perfectly with the surroundings of the Teide National Park during spring time. This time I wore the All Terrain variant arround the La Caleta conservation area in the south of Tenerife.

Reebow All Terrain is an Arid/Urban camo pattern as the A-TACS AU.

The south of Tenerife is quite dry and arid and it shows a particular landscape colour palette. Transitional camouflage patterns, as Multicam, with its tan and green, is of no use here. And the A-TACS AU pattern may lack of contrast. I thought Reebow All Terrain could fit perfectly. And it did indeed.

Sattelite image of the area.